Protect Your Crop No Matter The Storm

Farming can be filled with uncertainties. From weather to input costs, there is much of your business that is beyond your control. But there is one thing you can prepare for—the unexpected. Farm Bureau Insurance offers crop insurance coverage that can provide you with peace of mind.



Rows of green ripened soybeans in the field


Hail Protection

Choose which fields to insure and the amount of coverage per acre at an affordable cost, any time during the growing season.



corn being poured into a truck


Revenue & Yield

Protect against yield losses due to natural causes and revenue losses caused by a change in the harvest price from the projected price. 



corn field


Catastrophic Plans

Based on your yield history, the CAT policy pays 55% of the price of the commodity established by RMA on crop losses in excess of 50%. The premium on CAT coverage is $655 per crop per county by the producer and is subsidized by the Federal Government.



Gardeners in a greenhouse



Like crop farms, nurseries are also impacted when weather patterns, market prices, and other seasonal changes that require protection. 



Tractor picking up hay


PRF Coverage

Area-based insurance plan that protects against yield losses caused by low precipitation relative to historic average on forage produced for grazing or harvesting hay.