Protecting Your Safe Haven

Nothing compares to the comforts of home. It’s the place where we feel safe to be ourselves and leave the stress of the outside world behind. We care about protecting your safe haven. That’s why we offer a variety of insurance policies to protect your home and personal belongings. Whether you own or rent, we have a policy that meets your needs and your budget.


Family unpacking during move


Our Homeowners policy ensures that the physical structure of your home is protected. Our policy provides you with the coverages you need at an affordable rate. Your home is more than the structure you live in. It’s your memories and all the items you’ve worked hard for. Our homeowner policy is designed to protect these cherished assets too. A Homeowners policy with us protects more than just your home and livelihood. You can have peace of mind that your wallet is covered too. 



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Country Estate

The reasons you choose to live in the country, are the same factors that require more from a homeowner’s policy. At Jefts Insurance Agency, we understand those who make a living off the land or those who simply love to have land. Our Country Estate policy is designed specifically for those who live in rural areas, own acreage, and may make some of their living off the land. Protect your homestead with a policy created by people who understand the country lifestyle. 



House on a lake

Lake Estate®

Whether it's your vacation home or your primary residence, you want your home on the lake protected. Lakefront homes have unique insurance needs. At Jefts Insurance Agency, we've crafted a custom policy with specific coverages for lakefront owners like you. Our Lake Estate® policy keeps you protected from damages to your lakeside home. Our policy gives you the coverages you need to protect your piece of paradise from whatever comes your way.



Modern condos


While owning a condo unit is like owning a standard home, the insurance needs of condo owners are unique. Our insurance agency keeps condo owners protected with a custom insurance policy built for condo living. As a condo owner, you have unique needs. That’s why we’ve taken the condo-owner's insurance policy and customize it with the vital coverages of a homeowners policy—meeting your exact needs. 



mobiles homes

Mobile Home

There are many advantages to owning a manufactured or mobile home – convenience, affordability, community, and the pride of home ownership, to name a few. Jefts Insurance Agency keeps your home protected with a specialized policy to meet your unique needs. Our homeowner's policy ensures that the physical structure of your home is protected. Our policy provides you with the coverages you need at an affordable rate. 



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From theft to fire to damage, you want your belongings protected. As a renter your needs are unique. A renters policy from Jefts Insurance Agency provides specialized coverage to protect your personal property. While you don’t own the space you’re renting, you have filled it with things you do own and care about. A renters policy protects those possessions in the event of theft, fire or other damages.